Blood Donation Drive

Raise awareness about the importance of blood donation Organize regular blood donation camps in collaboration with medical centers Ensure proper screening, storage, and distribution of donated blood Provide a life-saving contribution to patients in need

Free Health Checkups

Reach underprivileged communities with limited access to healthcare Organize health checkup camps with diagnostic tests and medical examinations Offer consultations with doctors for medical advice and referrals Empower individuals to seek timely medical intervention and improve their health

Yoga Sessions for Wellness

Promote the holistic benefits of yoga for physical and mental well-being Conduct free yoga sessions led by experienced instructors Focus on yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation practices Improve flexibility, strength, relaxation, and stress management

Free Medicine Distribution to Underprivileged People

Collect and distribute essential medicines to economically disadvantaged individuals Partner with pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutions Alleviate the financial burden and ensure proper healthcare management

Food Donation Drives

Collect non-perishable food items and fresh produce Distribute food to underprivileged communities and organizations Address hunger and food insecurity Raise awareness about sustainable food practices and food waste reduction

Health Camps in Rural Areas

Reach out to rural communities with limited healthcare access Provide medical services, health screenings, and essential medicines Campaign 13: Health Technology Solutions

StreetShaala - Educating Underprivileged Children

Establish mobile classrooms and learning centers in marginalized communities Provide education and mentorship to underprivileged children Focus on basic literacy, numeracy, life skills, and character development Organize extracurricular activities and vocational training programs for holistic growth

Certificate distribution of youth awareness sessions.

Certified training to youth, in order to promote the understanding and practice of social change through self-empowerment and development of leadership qualities.

Advance training session for doctors

The program encompassed comprehensive study and exploration of advanced concepts, techniques, and practices for providing healthcare facilities in the rural area's By successfully completing the Advanced Training Program, Doctor has attained a high level of proficiency and expertise. This achievement signifies their readiness to handle complex cases, make informed decisions, and provide the highest standard of care to their patients.

Training and awareness program for anganwadi sevika

Training of Anganwadi Workers: In order to improve the learning and health of the Anganwadi children, special training was given to the Anganwadi workers and helpers. The training aimed to create awareness amongst the Anganwadi workers about the various physical, emotional, intellectual developments of various phases between the ages of 0-6 years.

Health Education in Schools

Collaborate with schools to provide health education programs for students Cover topics like personal hygiene, nutrition, mental health, and physical activity.

Elderly Care and Support

Extend services to the elderly population Organize programs on geriatric health, senior citizen welfare, and social support

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